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Free shipping on most motors

Oreck XL Buster B (BB-180, BB-850 and BB-870AS/AW/AG/AGQB) Compact Canister use Oreck vacuum motor p/n 051500 / 72158-01 or 7212801 for $79 delivered 


Oreck XL Buster B (
BB-180, BB-850 and BB-870AS/AW/AG/AGQB) Compact Canister  Oreck vacuum Generic Bags (12 pack) p/n PKBB12DWgen for $7.99 plus $5.99 shipping 


Oreck XL Buster B (
BB-180, BB-850 and BB-870AS/AW/AG/AGQB) Compact Canister  Oreck vacuum OEM Bags (12 pack) p/n PKBB12DW for $12.99 plus $5.99 shipping 



Oreck - XL Iron Man 76, 88, 90 & 98 canister use Oreck vacuum motor p/n 091082 (91082A) for $114.99 delivered 



Oreck - Uprights use XL2000/XL2600/XL3000 Oreck vacuum motor p/n 119550-00, 09-75505-01, 09-75535-01(119550-00) for $74.99 delivered 



Oreck - OR1006 Back Pack Motor - p/n 10-0012 for $109 delivered 


Oreck - XL2100RH / 600  - p/n 09-7703802 for $89 delivered 


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