Ametek Lamb 116765-13
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Motor Part Number 116765-13


Body Diameter 5.7"
Blower Stages 3
Vacuum (H2O Sealed) 137.1
CFM @ 2-in Orfice 101.2
Motor Type Bypass
Discharge Tangential
Bearings Double Ball  Bearing
Voltage 110-120 volts
Hz 60-50 cycles
Phase 1

4M921 or MO100

Maximum Amps 13.5


Max Air Watts 485
Thermal Protection None

Insulation Class A

 CANADA Shipping

Overall Height 8 "

Product Bulletin

Mounting Brackets Aluminum

Parts Diagram

Duty Intermittent LIGHTHOUSE BRAND
also available
Shipping Weight (lbs.) 7.6 $145.00
same warrantee

Used In

Intec Wasp insulation blower;  ACV Act 4;  Aerus 1580, 1590, E177A, ECV1590A, ECV1690A, Afuera;  AirMaster C101;  Air Stream SF765;  AirVac AV600, AV3500, FX3000;  AstroVac SR-88;  Beam 90, 193, 197C, 197S, 199, 199C, 225A, 275A, 371, 2100, 2150, 2220, PE371;  CanaVac 399, 399A, 399B, GenX3, P399; CentraClean CP5000, CPX5000;  Centralux 1590, 1590, E177A, ECV1590A, ECV1690A, Afuera; Central Vac Int CV7, CV7DP, CVS07, CSV07DP;  Chamberlain AV600, AV3500, FX3000, ZX6000;  CycloVac E103, E105;  DrainVac 1465C, 2564;  DuoVac 200, 3230, 3500;  EasyFlo 1400, 1500, 2200;  ElectroLux 1580, E177A, ECV1590A, ECV1690A, Afuera;   Eureka CV918, CV918A, CV918B, CV918D, CV1801, CV1801A, CV1801B, CV1801D, CV1801G, CV1801H, CV1810, CV1810A, CV1801B, CV1801D, CV1801G, CV1820;  Filtex FX800, FX3000, FX6000, ZX6000; FloMaster M45; FrigidaireFCV315S, FGCV315SS;  Hayden 6000;  Hoover 022, S5620, S5630, S5673, S5675, S5567-011, S5569-011, S5573-011, S5573-022;  Husky G-3611;  Modern Day G23, J;  M&S AV3500, FX3000, FX6000, ZX6000;  PowerKing PK-40;  TroVac E103, E105;  TroVac E103, E105;  VacuMaid P-100, SR40, SR40V, SR88, S2200


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